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Local government in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into a number of classifications: i.e., cities, townships and boroughs. There are two categories of townships in the Commonwealth, those identified as Townships of the First Class and those known as Townships of the Second Class.

Baldwin Township is a Township of the First Class and is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners elected at large.

2014 Township Officials

Eileen Frisoli - President 412-337-1567
Nick Pellegrino - Vice President 412-563-8613
John Paravati 412-571-0655
Bob Downey 412-531-5265
Sue Snyder 412-344-9117
Rob Zahorchak - Township Manager 412-341-9597
Marilyn G. Wagner - Tax Collector / Real Estate 412-884-8867

Federal Officials

Senator Robert Casey
Senator Patrick J. Toomey
Representative Mike Doyle (14th District)

State Officials

Senator Wayne D. Fontana (42nd District)
Representative Dan Miller (42nd district)

County Officials

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald
Council Member John Palmiere (6th district)

Township Committees and Chairs

Administration and Finance Eileen Frisoli
Public Safety Bob Downey
Public Works Nick Pellegrino
Parks and Recreation Eileen Frisoli/Sue Snyder
Lights and Transportation John Paravati
South Hills Area Council of Governments Eileen Frisoli
Wet Weather Sue Snyder
Fire Company John Paravati
Medical Rescue Team South Authority Bob Downey

Township Meetings

Township Meetings - 2014
The regular monthly meetings of the Baldwin Township Board of Commissioners for the year 2014 will be held at the Baldwin Township Municipal Building, 10 Community Park Drive, Pgh., PA 15234, at 7:30 pm on the following dates:

Tuesday, January 7 Tuesday, July 8
Tuesday, February 4 Tuesday, August 5
Tuesday, March 4 Tuesday, September 2
Tuesday, April 8 Tuesday, October 7
Tuesday, May 6 Tuesday, November 4
Tuesday, June 3 Tuesday, December 2

Pre-Agenda meetings will be held on the following dates at 7:00 PM:

Monday, January 27 Monday, July 28
Monday, February 24 Monday, August 25
Monday, March 31 Monday, September 29
Monday, April 28 Monday, October 27
Tuesday, May 27 Monday, November 24
Monday, June 30 Monday, December 29

All meetings are open to the public.

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  All Emergencies: 911
  Info: 412-341-9597
  Police: 412-341-5937
  Fire: 412-884-7913
  Ambulance: 412-343-7889

  Baldwin Township
  10 Community Park Drive
  Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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